I’m glad you asked…

Lifemancy is a combination of the word life and the suffix -mancy, which means "divination by a specified means". It comes from the Ancient Greek. Think of chiromancy (palmistry), tasseomancy (tea leaves), taromancy (tarot cards), spheromancy (crystal balls), and many, many more. In fact, Wikipedia put together a helpful list of all the -mancys.

Methods of Divination

No, Lifemancy isn't on the list, but that's because we aren't quite using our lives to divine the future. That'd be more like hieromancy, and we don't do that here!

Lifemancy is about living your most magical life by going on light-hearted adventures in mysticism and the occult, learning about yourself and your own psychic abilities, and listening to astrologists, mediums, witches, as well as other experts in esoteric fields. Learn divination, spells, rituals, and more so you can tap into your inner witch and inspire yourself to break free from your past.  

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