Moon and Roots with Alexandra Escudé

Celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the Apollo Moon Landing while learning about the moon, how story structure can relate to your own life, and how to get started with Herbalism. Rachel hangs with Alexandra Escudé, owner of Moon and Roots, to talk about her plant-based oils, the witch archetype, feminism, and how much they adore the Chilling Adventures of Sabrina.

Have you ever wanted to wave a magic wand and fix your problems? Ever wished for a Fairy Godmother to make your dreams come true? Lifemancy invites you to join Rachel Wilkinson on her light-hearted adventures in mysticism and the occult to learn about yourself and your own psychic abilities. With a focus on personal and spiritual development, she goes where others might fear to tread interviewing astrologists, mediums, witches, and other experts in esoteric fields while teaching spellcraft, divination, and more.

And when the New Age woo-woo gets really out of this world, Rachel gives it a spirited sprinkling of science to bring it back to reality. Podcasting from Houston, Texas on the New Moon and Full Moons, Lifemancy pairs the practical with the magical all with the hope of breaking through whatever holds you back from your best self.

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